Wednesday, January 19, 2011

December Fun

December seemed to come and go very quickly. Now, it is almost the end of January, and I find myself updating this for all of December and most of January! So, here it goes:
First, Brianna turned 4. She was so excited! Her favorite gift was the pink boots (just like her bff - Gracie). She wears them almost everyday to school. She also got everything Olivia (the pig). If it is pink, sparkles, is Olivia or Barbie - we must have it in our home! My friend Mandy made Brianna's birthday cake - Olivia. It was beautiful and yummy!
Next, we had our annual trip to have breakfast with Santa. Thank you Auntie M! As always, it was wonderful! This year we were seated in the same room with Santa. We had a blast sitting on his lap again and again. Good thing the photographer likes our little family! We also enjoyed having all of the boys go with us for the first time. My dad, Heath, and Mason were all able to attend. It was a neat treat.
Later that day, I got my Christmas present - a new washer and dryer. If you had asked me before kids if I would have liked appliances for gifts, I would have said no. But ask me now that I have 5 loads of laundry each week, and my answer will be yes! As Heath says, he gave me extra time for Christmas. It was the best gift ever!
We then went on to celebrate Christmas at our house with my family and then off to Heath's parent's house for Christmas with the Walters. That was fun being able to spend time with our 2 nephews and the new puppies. Brianna got another birthday celebration in Cary, NC and got a big girl bike.
Finally, we dropped the girls off with my parents and celebrated New Years in style. My sister got us tickets to the Mineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, NC. Last but not least, we ended the year in true Walters style with our annual party at our house! Next year, if you are in the area, let us know. The more the merrier!
Pictures to follow soon, but for now, it is bath time for the girls!