Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

For the past several years, we have gone to my parent's house in South Carolina. This year was no different. The only problem was that I was sick and heath had to work early on Friday. So, Nana kicked it into high gear and kept the girls going. they did everything from bake cookies, to make pins/magnets/necklaces, to visit the wonderful Holly Wild animal park. The whole family went to visit Great Mommie on Thanksgiving to take Christmas photos.
Even though I was sick, it was still a good time. I found out that there are a lot of crazy people who feel the need to go to Toys-r-Us for all of their holiday toy needs hours before it opens. I learned that I will not be one of those crazy people. Although I love my girls, there is not a toy in this world that is worth a line wrapped around a parking lot! I went to Walmart instead - it was great!
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Allie's pilgrim presentation

This week in frist grade, Allie had to present either on Pilgrims or the Wampanog Indians. She chose to do her presentation on the Pilgrims. After deciding on her topic, she had to research Pilgrim jobs. She chose the job of making clothes. The pictures and video show her giving her presentation on Thursday. She wrote the entire paragraph herself. I only had to help her spell Pilgrims. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reedy Creek Park

Heath and I very rarely have off on the same day. So when he told me that he had Veteran's Day off just like Allie and myself, I was shocked! After taking Brianna to school, we made our plans. We ended up taking Allie to Reedy Creek Park in the University area. We played 9 holes of Frisbee golf. This was challenging for several reasons: 1. We were all out of practice, 2. Allie's Frisbee never goes the direction she wants it to, and 3. Allie wanted to run the entire course! After our adventure in Frisbee golf, we headed over to the nature center. We had never been there, but we are definitely going back! Allie visited with snakes, frogs, and fish. She viewed the stuffed birds, and then headed out into the "camp". she had so much fun, she didn't want to stop for lunch. I can't wait to take both girls back this summer during our mommy field trips!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Fun!

The girls and I trick-or-treated in our usual fashion: Auntie M joined us for our yearly trek through the neighborhood as well as our next door neighbors Mrs. Margot and Shelby. The girls switched their costume choice the last minute. Instead of being a jaguar and a bunny, they were both witches. It was hard to turn them down when the costumes were only $2.50 each!
We made it through the entire neighborhood and were back at home by 7:45 pm. This was good considering we all had school the next day!
This Halloween was great, but we missed Heath because he had to work. At least the girls got to carve the pumpkins with Heath! That was a lot of fun!