Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fantastic Zootastic! / Library Sushi

On Thursday, the girls and I ventured to Zootastic for Teacher Appreciation Day.  This is always a summertime favorite.  We get free entry and lunch at Zootastic park.  This year, we took another teacher friend with us.  The girls had a great time feeding the goats and llamas.  We saw so many baby animals.  There was a baby:
1. zebra
2. llama (times 2)
3. lemur
4. kangaroo
5. tiger
6. lion
7. chicken
This was so exciting to see that many baby animals just feet away!

I just love our public library!  Ms. Amrita is wonderful!!  This week she taught the kids about Japan.  They made fish shaped kites.  But the most fun was making PB&J sushi!  This is the girls' favorite way to eat their lunch now.  They will even eat the crust.  If you haven't tried it, cookie butter from trader joes is wonderful!  This is peanut butter with crushed gingerbread cookies.  It makes a great snack or is great on "sushi."

Photo: Japanese pb&j sushi