Saturday, February 18, 2012

What an Amazing God!

So February just continues to get better!  On Sunday, February 12, 2012, Heath was baptized at our church.  We have so much to celebrate within our family!  My parents made the journey up to Charlotte for the second weekend in a row.  It was such an amazing feeling, seeing how God has been working in my family over the past year.

Following the service, we helped kick-off Love Week.  Our entire family helped package 30,000 meals for people in Haiti.  This was so much fun! We all learned how much fun helping others can be.  What really got me was when we got in the car to leave.  Brianna announced to everyone that helping make meals was AWESOME!

February - How Awesome!

Once again, God has shown us just how wonderful he is.  Allie was asked to read two bible verses on Sunday, February 5, 2012 at both church services.  She was so excited.  Heath and I were such proud parents! Out of all of the kids at church, they asked Allie to read.  When we spoke to our Children's Minister, she said that Allie had such excitement for the Bible.  She loves to look up scriptures at Sunday School each week.  So, when it came to selecting a child to read to the church before the children were all given Bibles, Allie was the choice. 

What happened to January?

It seems as though January came and went in a flash.  It certainly had its up and downs.  The ups included Heath moving his office from our house into a building!  This was so much fun.  We spent the weekend, with the help of Nana, moving and setting up the new office.  Everything had to be ready to roll on Monday because Heath and his business partner were being interviewed for the news!

After the ups, there must be downs.  This January, we sent our Great Mommie to live in heaven with Jesus.  This was difficult, but we know that she is not in pain anymore.  It was great to see our family during this time.

Christmas Fun

We had such an amazing Christ centered Christmas.  Our family was able to be at our house and celebrate the birth of Christ together.  I think that the best part of this season was watching my girls open and enjoy their gifts.  When Allie opened her bible, she was so excited.  She has carried it with her every Sunday to and from church since Christmas.  She will tell you that her bible was her favorite gift (even above the American Girl Doll)! What a gift we have been given this season!