Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventures in Hiking!

We went on an overnight adventure to Elkin, NC (or a smaller suburb of Elkin).  We got to hang out with our college friend, Lee, his fiance, mother, and freinds from Chicago.  It was wonderful to spend time with one of our dearest friends!  We had some of the most amazing comfort foods thanks to Lee's mom!  (I am already missing the fried pies!!) The girls (and the dog) got to experience many firsts:
1. They got to feed cows on a farm.
2. They went on mulitple hikes (for several miles) and smiled the whole time!
3. Picked and ate strawberries straight from the garden.
4. Said they were having too much fun to watch TV - yippee!
5. Did I mention that they hiked for about 4 miles?!
I am so proud of the girls.  What super trooopers!

Thanks for letting us visit Lee and Ms. Carolyn!