Sunday, June 24, 2012

Passport to Mexico, Australia, and Poland

Well, Michael's Arts and Crafts has begun their summer crafting adventure.  We were able to go on Saturday, but we had already missed the first two craft adventures.  We were the only people at the kid's craft area, so Ms. Angela let us make up the previous activities.  So, for the record breaking cost of $1.48, the girls made 6 different art projects!  They had a blast!  The girls got to work on crafts from Mexico, Australia, and Poland.  Brianna's favorite craft was the monarch butterfly and Allie's was the stingray. I had to clear space on the dining room shelves (china cabinet) to display all of their work.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer has begun!

Well, it is official!  Technology repels me and summer is here and already our schedule is crazy.  Most of you know that I am the queen of free summer activities for the kids.  Here is a little list that I put together for other cheap and fun things to do in the Charlotte area: Just click on the "summer fun" link on the page and you should be able to find something to do with your kids.

Since Allie and Heath were off at Camp Kids Jam with church, Brianna and I got to do a few things together.  We went uptown (and walked a ton!) and had lunch with Auntie M.  Then we were off to Imaginon for the Castles and Dragons exhibit.  It was great fun! We were going to audition for American Idol, but Brianna was hungry and wanted to visit with Auntie M.  Instead, we just sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" all the way up Trade Street.  I think that we entertained a few people along the way.

We took a picnic lunch to the park and walked along all of the trails until we found a table in the shade.  Once again, we sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while we ate.  We found the ball fields (behind the park) and we were able to fly our kite!  This was exciting because the first kite we bought was a bust.  We were so happy with our purchase and the kite's flying ability, we went back to Target and got a second kite for Allie.

Bri and I visited the Mint Hill Library for the Reedy Creek Nature Center presentation.  Brianna had a blast learning about nocturnal animals.  She really enjoyed Popcorn.  No they did not serve snacks, he was the corn snake that Ms. Heather brought from the nature center. 

Today we learned that Michael's Arts and Crafts and Barnes and Noble also have there summer programs up and running.  We can hardly wait to get started! Now all we need is for Allie and Heath to return from camp and join in the fun!

Summer is here!

Well, sumer is in full swing at the Walters' household.  Heath and Allie just returned from camp and while they were away, Brianna and I got into the summer groove.  Here is just a little bit of what we were up to:
1. We walked all of uptown, playing in every fountain, and ending our journey at Imaginon.  The castles and dragons exhibit was wonderful!  We came home so that we could have a sword fight.  I never thought that I would be having a sword fight with my daughter, but it was great!
2. We began our morning with a visit from the Sheile Museum mobile planetarium.  Seeing the stars was a neat treat. We then visited the local park and hiked all of the trails until we found the best, most shady spot for lunch.  We played in the shade for a while, and then hiked over to the ball fields.  That is where Brianna had her first kite flying lesson.  Good news: the kite actually flew this time! thank you target dollar bins!
3. We visited the Mint Hill library to meet Ms. Heather and all of her creatures from the Reedy Creek Nature Museum.  Yes, Brianna sat up front and petted all of the creatures from the beetles to the snake.  She was also the last kid out so that she could keep petting Popcorn the snake. 
4. We visited the local Waffle House for our dinner treat!  Thanks Ms. Dee - it was great!  Brianna wanted breakfast for dinner, so we went out.  After dinner, I introduced Brianna to the world of Mary Poppins.  This is now her favorite movie!

With all of this excitement, you would think that we are into our summer fun, but no!  We had not even registered for the events at Michael's Arts and Crafts and Barnes and Noble.  The excitement is just beginning . . .

 . . . tomorrow the girls are joining me at zumba!