Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Craft of the Day!

Today's fun activity was to make Christmas ornaments.  We just took pipe cleaners and bent them into shapes.  We made candy canes, stars, and hearts.  Then using the solution of 9 tablespoons of borax to three cups of hot water, we hung (susspended with string) the pipecleaners into the solution.  We started this project this morning.  After returning from our errands, the ornaments were fully crystalized!  This was such a fun and easy project.  I will probably thry this with my class next year! (Pictures will arrive soon!)

Tea for Two

I felt like such a great mom yesterday.  First of all, you should know that I was horribly sick.  Next, I helped my kids put together a pink tea party.  Allie used the easy bake oven kits and created the pink cakes (complete with frosting), Brianna and I made star and heart shaped sandwiches, I made the girls some pink lemonade, and Brianna washed and pulled the grapes.  They had put together the princess tea party spread on the floor.  We took all of the tea party supplies upstairs and they had a ball!

Breakfast with Santa

We attended our annual Breakfast with Santa at the Marriott.  As usual, we all ate too much and had a wonderful time!  The girls got candy cane tattoos, bags of candy, and little stuffed animals - as if visiting with Santa just wasn't enough! We also took the time to take a few family photo's by the giant Christmas tree.  I think that my years of band photography has paid off - I am the only one who can continually smile at the camera.  The rest of my family - not so much!

Bri's Birthday

Well, it is official, Brianna is 5!  The past five years have just flown by!  We all knew that she would turn 5 one day, and that day has come.  It was so funny the morning of her birthday.  She came down the stairs and asked, "Mom what school do I go to today?  I am 5 you know?  Do I go to Socrates Academy now?" I had told her that she could not come to Socrates until she turned 5, I guess that she remembered!  We are so blessed to have such great friends and family.  My friend Mandy made the most beautiful cake for Bri's birthday (the pictures are currently on my new cell phone; not really sure how to get them??).  The cake was pink with Hello Kitty on top.  She just loved it! We celebrated by inviting one of Brianna's friends over and taking the girls to Build-a-Bear.  That was an adventure.  Having three girls was not the adventure, it was getting in and out of the mall parking lot the last weekend before Christmas was the adventure.  Needless to say, Heath was not entertained!
I almost forgot - Bri got a Hannah Montana guitar.  She really is a rock star now!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

The girls and I visited the Festival of Trees yesterday.  They had so much fun seeing all of the christmas trees.  The festival of trees is a n event that our local hospital throws to raise money.  The trees are all auctioned off and the money goes to charity.  It also makes the best place for christmas card pictures.


Photo Card

Initially Merry Christmas
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Photo Card

Initially Merry Christmas
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