Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas

We had the most amazing Christmas!  Both girls were part of our church's Christmas Eve Children's Choir.  This was such a moving event. 
Following that, my family spent the night for the first time.  They got to experience our family's Christmas traditions.  This was fun!  Santa brought the girls an x-box kinect.  The entire family has enjoyed this gift! 
Once the craze and excitement died down and the family went home, we packed up and went to Heath's parents house for our second Christmas.  This annual event is one that we look forward to.  It is when all of the cousins are together.  It is a few days of running, sugar, and laughter.  The girls cherish their time with their cousins.
So, while the rest of the world had a "winter break," we had back-to-back celebrations with our amazing families!

Merry Christmas!