Friday, August 17, 2012

What summer?

You are probably wondering what happened to the Walters' over the summer?! We had quite an adventure this summer . . . we got to take a month long vacation!  The girls and I went from Hilton Head to Cary to Florida!!  We have spent time with our cousins, visited museums, and danced in the town square.  Our favorite spot was the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.  First of all, it was free!  There was a whole section of hands-on items.  In fact, the directions from the leader in the room was to play with and touch everything! The girls got to see bees making honey, dress up like different insects, and use binoculars to see construction across the parking lot.  We want to go back and visit so that we can see veterinary sciences at work.  I was told that we can see live surgeries in the "new" wing of the museum.
We are back to school in three days!  We are all very excited for this because Allie and Bri will both be at my school. Allie is in my grade and Bri is in kindergarten.  I am not sure who is more excited: Heath, Allie, Bri, or ME?!