Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spelling Bee Drama

With Brianna attending the same school as Allie, you would think that things would get easier.  I feel as though there are days when things are much crazier!  Last week, our school held the individual class spelling bees. This is a program that begins in our kindergarten classes and runs through eighth grade.  Allie has always tried her hardest, but has never placed in this event.  She doesn't seem to get upset, but wants to do better the next year.  Well, this year she placed third in her class!  Way to go Allie!  She will be competing in the third grade spelling bee next week.  But Brianna was a different story!  Remember that she is only in kindergarten, she is just now learning sight words, and she is trying to sound out everything that she can.  She got so upset when she didn't win any part of the spelling bee, she caused herself to hyperventilate.  it got even funnier as I spoke to her about it that evening.  I told her that if she was trying her hardest and doing her best that I would always be proud of her.  Brianna replied "what if I tried my hardest, but I was not doing my best?".  It took a lot for me not to laugh at this comment.  She is so precious!
Happy Spelling!