Sunday, May 29, 2011

Almost Summer . . .

The countdown has begun. Brianna has four more days, Allie has nine more days, and I have fifteen more days of school. I have spent many hours over the past few weeks developing a list of cheap and free activities to do this summer. You can find it on our school website at It is listed under the "news" tab. If you are in the Charlotte area this summer, give us a call and we can visit one of the 80+ adventure spots listed.
I am so lucky to have a mother that lives close and wants to help out with the kids! Mom will be joining us on Friday for Brianna's pre-school graduation (although she will be there another year). Brianna will then go and spend a week at Nana's house. After that, Allie will join them for another week of fun at Camp Nana. The kids are home for two weeks and then off to the other grandparents for more summer camp fun!
Thank goodness for grandparents!