Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today has been a wonderful day!  Today Heath and I renewed our wedding vows to each other and we dedicated our children to God.  It was beautiful!  We recommitted ourselves to one another and to God. We are so honored and amazed at the path in which God has lead us.  We are continually blessed by his wonderfulness each and every day. We are allowed to raise two beautiful, smart, and healthy girls due to God's goodness.  What better way to thank him than to dedicate them?
So, today marks the first day of the rest of our lives in this incredible journey together! Today was one more "only God" moment because only God could have planned such a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

What a great Easter weekend this has been!  It was the end of our Spring Break. Mom and Dad came up for the weekend.  We go to celebrate Dad's birthday (a little late) and celebrate Jesus. We began with a little trip up to Zootastic for an Easter egg hunt and to visit with the animals.  We can now mark this off of our list of things to do(Red-Neck Easter Egg Hunt - check!). The girls had fun. They got to ride their first horse; even if it was just around in a few circles! They found almost 80 eggs in total, and no one won a bunny! Heath and I were pleased with the outcome.  We continued with a great dinner with Mom and Dad, thanks to the grill-master, Heath! We finished with an amazing dessert prepared by the girls.  After dessert, we had a flashlight Easter egg hunt.  This was my personal favorite! Looking for eggs in the dark was a blast!
We celebrated today by attending church and then heading home to enjoy the feast from the family.  It was not until our arrival back at the house that the girls found their Easter baskets! They had walked past them all morning, but never really "saw" them! We continued the festivities with another egg hunt in the backyard. This time, there was money in the eggs.
After all of the food, fellowship, and egg hunting fun, we are finally worn out! We hope that you too had a very Happy Easter!